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"Kim is a true iconoclast – exactly what classical music needs.” ~ S.C., Chicago

Absolute Musician: When musicians play, but no one is enchanted, are we still Musicians?

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Sound Effects: From Pleasant to Panic

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Words Before Music: Questioning our pre-concert babble

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Cheers! A Wine-Tasting Approach to Music Benefits Performers
Complete coachings: studio-to-stage
Musicianship - Mental preparation - Stage presence

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Coaching Notes
S. Barber: Sonata for violoncello and piano, Op. 6

E. Elgar: Sea Pictures, Op. 37

E. Elgar: Symphony No 1, Op. 55

E. Elgar: Violin Sonata, Op. 82

E. Elgar: String Quartet, Op. 83

E. Elgar: Piano Quintet, Op. 84

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